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Re: Super Duper Haggis Hauler II - The Resurrection

So this weekend saw me back at the painting again.

Both the passenger side fender and quarter panel in epoxy then primer (oh and the rears both stone chipped).

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Also got the transmission cross member remade. Wasn't happy with my first go so I redid it.

Although its not fitted yet it did allow me to put the engine in its final position and although I do have a little rearward movement possible its still very close to the radiator giving me potential issues with the fans.

So I thing I will get the mounting brackets on the radiator re positioned such that they are flush with the rear of the radiator. That will gain me a full 10mm, all I need.

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To be honest the fitting of these mount is crap (not even on each side) and the angle of the mounts is not 90 degrees. All in all taking up vital space needed for that big rat motor - can not wait to fire that up for the first time!
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