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Re: 84' 3/4 lowered advice

Originally Posted by SCOTI View Post
In a nutshell.....

Secure vehicle on jack stands & verify you're safe to get under the truck (push test).
Remove the wheel, disconnect the shock & leaf spring by removing their hardware. (Do one side @ a time. Use a jack to raise/lower & hold-up the rear-end housing as needed).
Knock the rivets of the factory hangers off/out.
Align the new hangers w/the holes in the frame rails & install w/the new hardware.
Re-install the leaf pack & shock. Loosely snug the hardware for the leaf/shackle bushings but don't tighten them to spec.
Re-install wheel.

Repeat for the opposite side.

Once both sides are completed, set the truck back on the ground so the full weight is on the suspension. Tighten the leaf/shackle bushings hardware to spec.
HAHAH Thank you!
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