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Re: Daddyjeep Hauler - 85 K30 crew cab short bed

Originally Posted by daddyjeep View Post
Not sure yet. I am trying to make a deal on a 3/4 ton suburban or a 3/4 ton truck with the 6.0 I want. If either of those deals works out I will have the right axle too. That could cost me more in the long run though if the gear ratios don't match up. Worse case, I will just run wheel spacers for the time being.

I thought about that, or welding nuts to the head. That way I could clean up and re-use the carriage bolts.
I thought dually axles were significantly wider than SRW, so spacers would do the opposite of what you'd want if trying to mount SRW wheels.

The donor trucks will be IFS so unless you're going 2WD you'd need more.
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