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Driprail Moulding options?

I am nearing the end of my build (this year, God willing) and have kept my eye out for a good original set of the drip rail trim with no luck. I have read about the horror stories of aftermarket trim being tossed in the trash after the install attempt due to poor fit, and have also heard of someone using epoxy to install them...question is...

Does the aftermarket trim fit the contours, but just doesn't "snap-on" properly?

I am willing to test my skills with the epoxy route, but not willing to deal with impossibly formed trim. Heck, I'd epoxy originals on if I could find/afford them.

Can anybody recommend a vendor that produces the driprail molding with good contours that could be glued on rather than the original intended pinch/rivet/screw methods?

My truck has a lot of trim and want's one more line of flash. Thx in advance!

Skip the following mumbo jumbo if your into shorter reads -

One vendor touts the following description...

"...This exact reproduction comes as a complete set. An excellent, stainless, reproduction of this factory option...has been manufactured to original factory specifications .... You will find the fit, finish and function will work superbly for your restoration..." ~$160.oo

Makes me wonder if the horror stories stem form parts from the cheaper vendors or lack of installation experience (this type of trim can be very hard to install).
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