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Re: Starting the overall replacement of front suspension today :-) drop time.

Well ECE came through and quick. Sway bar mounts, bushings and hardware came into today at noon waited for it to cool down some in the garage and just hit the passengers side for the install. The lower frame crossmember rivet will need to be removed to mount frame bracket, I had one side done in 15 min, and you should only do one side at a time to keep the crossmember from moving on you. Fairly easy, hit it with my cutting wheel making a star on the head of rivet, grinded it down some and hit it with a drill. Punched it out with a 10lb hammer and a trash bolt I had to use as a punch. Some pics below. I will install both frame mounts first, then bar with bushings when I get my boot for the passengers side control arm and button it all up. I am anxious to get front suspension put back together. I will include some more pics and info as I am getting it done.
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