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Re: Starting the overall replacement of front suspension today :-) drop time.

Originally Posted by beaterku View Post
They gave me a really competitive price for the D52 front, D154 rear, lines and e-brake cables. It comes with the Bear front rotors. Piecing it all together would have save me about $50. Great people to deal with.

I had a Summit 10% off coupon from Goodguys Lonestar but it was in store only and had to be a stock item. They didn't stock everything. Most of it was drop ship.
Yea nearly all the wilwood stuff is drop ship, and your lucky if they let you use discounts on wilwood products. By some luck, APW system gave me the max $100 off an order using a coupon code and they also gave me a $10 off discount when I found out that it was droped shiped and not in stock like I was told over phone when checking on my order after 5 days, took about 7 days to the door, and they pitched me that $10 refund for the confusion, that is how I found out.
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