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Steering column/shaft issue - Guidance Needed

Hey guys, I have an issue with my steering on my 1987 Chevy V30 4x4. I switched from the rag joint style to the u joint style shaft (jeep conversion) awhile back. I recently took my body lift off so I took the shaft out because I couldn't get it to adjust to the new ride height.

I know I need to get it moving and have a plan for that but my concern is that the "D" part on the intermediate shaft (I believe that's what it is) where it goes into the column thru the firewall moves in and out and I know it should stay in place. What do I need to replace to get it right? Bearing?

This picture is not of mine, just a reference of what I'm talking about. My truck doesn't have the part that the retainer clip goes thru or anything...the shaft just goes in the column and has side to side and in and out play.

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