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Re: Beware of doing business with Coy wheels

Ow boys, boys, boys I got a story to tell you about this company I can’t right now but when I get back home from work Friday I’ll type yall a nice story up about this company and their s***y customer service / returning calls. In short though I’ve been waiting on two wheels I bought at a show two yes two years ago! The two wheels were suppose to be new brand new and still to this day I still haven’t got but one of the new wheels from them lol Regardless like it’s been said stay away from Coys people, bad bad bad dealings, horrible reputation for bad things apparently.

Edit update as promised as of 4/27/18... ok so long story short I buy two coy wheels from a friend on here awesome guy to deal with early 2016, I still try to keep in touch with him when I can on here . Anyhow after buying the first two (for my fronts), I then see Coys up at the rod run that same year April 2016 and paid for two more wheels (for the rear) in black that day $8** dollars worth for two new wheels, knockoffs, and luv nuts sent to me, the main guy randy promised me ow yeah will take care of you I’ll call around see if I can find u some faster and get them shipped out to ya. Well the deadline finally comes and guess what no rear wheels after numerous calls after the deadline and me getting angry many times he finally sends, get this two loaners (so excuse my language but seriously I got pics of the junk f’kn used scratched up etc wheels) until he can get me my new ones so I can ride on the loaners he tells me ( I’m like wtf seriously I don’t think so) Now what kind of ****ty company does even think of something like that? Anyhow This came straight from the main man and then his son too back and forth so who does that but u know what I say fine ok (trucks in the garage I’m doing stuff to it anyhow project wise I can wait) and I guess trying to still be nice about the whole thing I short but patiently wait again and guess what a year goes by and after numerous calls, promises, and nothing I finally get one new wheel sent to me after numerous calls, promises throughout the next year and I send one of the loaners back to him as agreed on the phone and after that more calls,promises guess what still to this day I still have one loaner (used) wheel and one new wheel lol and as a update I just texted him the other day just this last week and he said he would call me back he was driving but guess what nothing long story short people please please DO NOT DEAL WITH COY WHEELS no matter how nice and awesome the wheels seem to look cause guess what unless ur getting a custom set milled out they all more than likely like someone said earlier come from ���� China like the Coys! So moral of the story I should have listened to the others with bad customer service, etc about Coys and so on but I learned for myself the hard way.....
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