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Project Buzz Bomb-'02 S-10

So, My neighbor's (neighbor Jay) wife is the bidness manager for a nearby garage door company. They have a dumpster the size of an 18 wheeler, and when we build up a lot of crap, we run over and chuck it in. Long story short, I took a shine to a couple of dead trucks on the back lot, and threw out a number of 400 each. Winnah! It took a bit of time and patience to get paper on them, but I have it now.

The first one was an '02 2500 HD that had been ridden long and hard, and threw a rod. I got it home courtesy of Flyin' Ryan just before Memorial day weekend and had the front clip gone Friday night. Sold most of the rest over the rest of the weekend, then had the rest hauled on Tuesday to the tune of 1280. I kept the entire fuel system intact; pump, harness, lines, charcoal can, all of it for Yeller.

The second is a '02 S-10. 2.2, auto, air. Bad trans, second locks up hard in it. The driver's side tires had been slit in the sidewall. Swapped on the spare and a tire I've had layin' around for at least 15 years and got it on the trailer. Had it stored at Flyin' Ryan's for about a week and a half and went to get it tonight. We decided to hell with it, and got it on the road. Much crunchy noises, then smoooooth sailin'! Drove it home, Baby! Runs like a champ, air even blows cold. Has a CEL, but it can't be anything big. Gonna give it a shine and a tune-up and buzz back and forth to work in it, until The Kid gets ready to drive. Anyway, of course there's pics!

It gave its life so that others may live.
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The next morning.
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The big lump-6.0, 4l80e. Note oil pan.
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Think that's a problem?
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Yes, that's the broken beam of the conrod. I found a chunk of piston on the crossmember. Complete with pieces of rings.
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