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Re: Big Blue Burb

Slow progress, stopped driving because something is wrong with the steering, I think it is the rag joint, but not sure. I did find an amazing deal on seats, though. $80 for new 2007-2014 Tahoe leather 2nd row. I bought 2, plan to put a set in the front seat too, and the guy had a 3rd row from a Ford Explorer he gave me a deal on. All together, 3 rows of new leather seats for $200. He had plenty in a storage room, I'd say about 10-15 sets. He lives in Temple, I found him on the Facebook Marketplace.

Apparently, he has a contract with a company that converts new Tahoe's into police cars, so they rip out the 2nd row and put a sturdy plastic bench to transport people they arrest. The company cannot sell the seats, so they just give them to whoever has a contract with them and that person can sell them. Most people will still try to sell them at full cost, but this guy just wanted to share the wealth.

He also had a 1970 Chevy longbed truck he is working on, already converted it to a shortbed so we talked shop a bit. Seems like a great guy.
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