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Re: Fastfreddys 454ss

Wow. Took it for its maiden voyage today. It had to have added 250 to 300 horse power with only 7 psi of boost. Not to bad for a bolt on. Runs really good. When it spools up, you can hear it kick in and it sets you back in your seat.You punch it at 30 mph and it kicks it sideways .I Let it get to temperature in the driveway. Then I got in about a 15 minute drive 3 times around the block and drove it for 1 mile. Pulled it in the driveway for 5 minutes. Was going to go for a longer drive and suddenly the outside temperature dropped and it started snowing and sticking. It never snow around here in March. Oh well at least I know it runs awesome. A lot of people might think adding this much horsepower to a stock motor in crazy. But it shouldn’t be a problem because I won’t Bury my foot into the gas pedal everywhere I go.
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