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Re: 1985 3+3, 4x4 Scratchbuilt

Thank you KShortell

Hi dieseldawg, its been awhile, and its great to hear from you again. I was hoping I might see you on here. Tell you what, I have more energy and stamina now than I did a year ago.( I'll be 61 in June) Im livin on Bonus time LOL ( I lost my dad when he was 59, so, I made it a little further, so far.

( Would you have any use for some 1/25th models ?)


I actually want to do a mud run, just not sure it can pull its fat butt threw it,. lol
It weighs 15 pounds which is a lot for an RC truck. I may just give it green, just for you. It will be awhile though, I've got several builds going, actually for someone else, which is unusual for me.

I did one for a guy in Michigan last year to match his real mud truck

These are on the bench at the moment. So I keep busy at least

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