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Re: better ride quality

Originally Posted by forestb View Post
I sent this question to Bellteck

"I have a 77 chevy c10 that has 2 inch drop coils in front. I was wondering if you think it is best for me to use your drop shocks or am I better off using your stock height shocks and getting upper shock relocators?"

And this was his answer.

"I would suggest the drop shocks versus the stock shocks with relocators. The stock shocks are valved very differently and may cause a bouncy ride in the front end of your truck. The street performance lowering shocks are valved stiffer for the best possible ride."
This is true to varying degrees. Does one want a better valved shock that matches the coils spring-rate & travel? Yes. If it's the matched shock for the coils you have, you could give them a shot.

This is why I like drop spindles as a priority part up front. You get drop that doesn't impact the suspensions travel (extension/compression). The shorter coil does impact the travel. And, the shorter it is, the greater the impact.
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