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Re: better ride quality

Originally Posted by forestb View Post
I already have the drop spindles. So what are you recommending then? That if I get the drop shocks then I should get there coils also?
What I'm saying is their recommendation works if/when things are matched. CPP coils could have a 700# rate; Belltechs springs could be a 1000# rate. That difference will impact how the shocks work.

Did he ask you about the spring rate to know the valving of their 'drop-shock' was actually a better match? My bet is no because people seem to like recommending 'new' parts w/o really trying to help you work through YOUR existing combo. Like I said, the shorter/stiffer shocks are worth a shot if they work w/your needs.

How much room was there before the bump-stop made contact now that you've trimmed things? Did Belltech provide you w/drop-shock dimensions to compare w/your set-up?
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