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Re: a/c symptoms, need help diagnosing issues

Originally Posted by lucky_7 View Post
So I took apart the dash yesterday to see if the control might be bad. I had the truck running, ac on, and when I moved the connector the compressor kicked on. So I pushed it back in and the compressor kicked off. I did this a few more times to confirm, so now it definitely seems like my control is the problem. Ill get a new one and update when its installed.

FYI, the switch on the bottom of the compressor on the back is the high side switch, the one on the top is the cycling switch. We got a wiring diagram from gm and check the power at the switches to trace what was not getting power. It was the highside switch not receiving power from the control (A/C) button. That was led me to check the control.
Thanks for posting up what you found. Will likely help someone else in the future.
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