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Re: Wheel Arch Molding / Wheel well Molding

I first looked at LMC, then saw rockauto had them as well. Haven't gotten into pricing+shipping yet.

Why I haven't bought is from my personal debate. Do I want to go with the factory style with the black paint in the center, or do I move over to the smooth ones.

This all started because I don't have any on the bed, but do have on the front fenders. I have factory style on the front, so going smooth would be a full out 4 corner kit. Doing factory style on the back would just be buying the two, as my fronts are still like new.

Searching the site for the best manufacturer of this specific molding revealed nobody was talking about that aspect of it.

My searches came across the '77 yellow paint specific trim, then I came across the step sides not having any molding from factory, then I saw the smooth burb/blazer molding and that is when things went off track.
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