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Re: Put 'em to work pics !!!

Originally Posted by oem4me View Post
You may have seen this before. Our longbeds are so big, it's easy to get carried away.
I had a long bed 66 and believe it or not loaded 2.2 tons of washed stone in it and made it home 15 miles. 12 bolt 4.11 axle camper special springs. It wouldn't stop but I did make it. Oh, and it was about 90 degrees that day and man was I sweating for more than one reason. The bucket loader guy dumped some in but I jestured "give be somemore" so he did...

I was told years later that even though it wasn't on the bump stops it would have been bending the axles which should have ruined my axle seals, but it didn't.

That truck is coming back into my life as my son is buying it to do a total rebuild. Cool!
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