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Re: Working Man's Burbon

A local gendarme took time out of his busy night to stop and ask me about my lack of a license plate light. My response was that the PO had removed it and the pieces that mounted it and I hadn't located replacements yet. He kindly suggested I make more of an effort to find one and sent me on my way. What the PO had done was install a hidden hitch and then used what looks to me to be a license plate bracket off of a 67-72 A-body and mounted it upside down on two pieces of angle iron without the spring so it would swing up when the stinger was in the receiver. Which is a pretty good idea but with no spring it is always rattling. So I replaced the two pieces of angle with one larger piece ( 2" instead of 1 1/2"). Now I had a place to mount a light and set the plate deeper into the bumper like the factory did. I found this perfect little LED light with a shield at Potter Webster (the place that made the drive line for me. They are a heavy truck supply store.). After rehabbing the plate mount (It had led a hard life was lucky to still be around) I found a spring and mounted it to hold the plate down and keep it from rattling all the time.
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Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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