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Re: Working Man's Burbon

Originally Posted by HO455 View Post
Two steps back and one forward this last week. First off I noticed the first chip in the paint! Arrrrrrrgggg!
The engine in the WMB never has had what I would call good oil pressure. Always around zero at idle when warm and just below the first mark at cruise. On Monday after having to get on it, in order to get on highway 30, it started idling 2-300 RPM lower and wanting to die. Plus it started squaling and squealing from time to time. I headed straight home and parked it, happy to have made it home. I'm pretty sure it has spun a main bearing. Two steps back.
Now I have to decide if I want to get a cheap engine to get me by for a little while and build the engine I want later or leave it broke and build something that probably won't be what I really want now.

On the up side I have been looking for a 2004r core (or a good one) for a while and located one on Craigslist. The seller ended up being a friend I hadn't seen in ten or more years from back my drag racing days. It was a perfect Thanksgiving morning. One step forward.
That is horrible, sorry man.
Let me know if you meed a motor, I have had one on a stand in the shop for a while that needs to go away. I'm in the couve.

Happy new year!
Full top blazer or bust....
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