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Tool box collision repair

Thought I’d share some photos and do a toolbox tour and show some of my favorite tools. These are the tools I used as a collision repair/restoration tech. Am a bit of a tool snob, I just like good tools that will last, I have no time for junk, also like my stuff nice and clean.

My main box.

IMG_3796 by eric2406, on Flickr

On top Dent fix digital tram gauge, 3 ft AFS or Adjustable Flexible Sander and my Miller plasma cutter.

IMG_3791 by eric2406, on Flickr
Basically a high priced tape measure with pointers.

IMG_3896 by eric2406, on Flickr
The AFS sanders have removable rods and a nice piece of stainless steel for the floorplate, hands down the best sanders made. This model here is 3 ft long.

IMG_3834 by eric2406, on Flickr

One of the guys I used to work with super glued these figurines to my box, can’t find it to throw ‘em out so now they just keep a watchful eye on my stuff.

IMG_3795 by eric2406, on Flickr

Socket and ratchet drawer. Nothing but Mac and Snap on and one IR impact gun.

IMG_3958 by eric2406, on Flickr
IMG_3956 by eric2406, on Flickr

Wrench drawer, Mac and Snap on.

IMG_3918 by eric2406, on Flickr

Don’t know the part number but these are great. Made by gearwrench, you put the bit in the holder which then goes into a special ratcheting wrench. Work wonders when space is limited. Uses the standard 1/4 and 5/16 bits.
IMG_3922 by eric2406, on Flickr

The wrench has a lip on one end to prevent the bit holder from sliding through.

IMG_3924 by eric2406, on Flickr
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