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Re: Tool box collision repair

Originally Posted by sevt_chevelle View Post
That's how one gets a red snap on box loaded up with old junk.

I would agree. I walked away from the collision game several ago now I work for an electric/utility company but help out a good friend of mine who owns a shop and do some small piece meal resto work.

When I did collision my hammer and dolly drawer consisted of 4-5 hammers 4-5 dollies and a few spoons, not the 67 hammers jam packed in one drawer.

Plus I just like tools, if I see something I like and think it will make the job easier, faster and make me money am not afraid to buy it.

When I first bought my Dent fix drill, no one else had one, I spent years and several shops before I saw another tech with one. Same with the Wurth clamps, I just always thought HOW do you guys NOT have these.
OMG Yes the Spitsnagle (Dent Fix) spot weld drill is THE tool for "unbolting" spot welded on panels. After I first used a bosses I HAD to have one and have never been sorry I got it for sure, and it's NOT cheap. We have one at one, I mean NO ONE uses it. They used die grinders with cut off discs and now the belt sanders. The belt sanders have their place, they are an awesome tool. But it in no way replaces the Spitsnagle, I just don't get it. The tool does the work for you, I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I buy tools, I have tried out many, spent a lot of money on ones that don't do what I thought, I just don't leave them in the box. They are moved out in case I may need it, the box, that is JUST the tools used regularly. And I have found this is very few, you know the ones you use, you know the ones you see in the drawer that never get used, you know what I mean? I just weed out the ones I don't thinning it down to JUST the ones I really need.

Don't get me wrong, I love all your tools and I have similar (not as many for sure though) just with the collision tool box I want my box to be able to roll around over to other stalls to work. Where I work this is a big help to be able to move it around.

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