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Re: 700R4 build thread.

Originally Posted by Keckdl View Post
I am getting ready to do a full rebuild my transmission and was thinking about putting in a TCI constant pressure valvebody, what is your opinion on these? I cannot find any reliable info on using them or true benefit. Do you have any insight or experience with these?

The Front Pump will wear out prematurely form operating at near 100% Duty Cycle all the time, 700R4/4L60E/2004R Variable Displacement Vane Style Pumps have several moving parts compared to a TH350/TH400/4L80E Fixed Displacement Gear Style Pump.

A Billet Pump Rotor is absolutely necessary with Constant Pressure, The stock cast pump rotor is not designed for a 100% Duty Cycle.

The trans will shift hard under light throttle, This beats up the Splines & Hard Parts in general........It is really bad on Chain Style Transfer Cases!

The only good a Constant Pressure VB will do is allow you too adjust the TV Cable for Shift Timing.....Incorrect TV adjustment will not burn frictions with this VB.

Fine tuning a 700R4 to Upshift/Downshift exactly when you want makes Carb Tuning look easy.
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