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Re: 700R4 build thread.

hey guys great thread and alot of info on the 700r4 and what each part does thanks to clinebarger for his contributions

i do have some question i have a 700r4 with the transgo 2-3 kit and noticed after the install my downshift points have changed i used to be able to downshift for 3rd to 1st at under 30mph now its at under 20mph would anybody know what changes need to be made to get them back to what they were?

could possibly transgos new 3-2 shift valve (the new valve that also requires you to drill 3 holes in the VB one near the bathtub and two more as vent holes also near the bathtub and 2-3 valve) be the cause?

can i omit the spring from transgos new 2-3 shift valve for easier downshifts as you state in here but you state it for the original setup?

some more info about trans trans was from 91 fbody has original z28 skeleton governor and matching VB would be able to downshift to 1st below 30mph from what i could tell it had superior 2nd apply servo and the accumulator housing was double staked with 2 pistons

then had a rebuild with the trangso 2-3 kit tg separator plate installed the kit puts the vette servo back as well and a different accumulator spring setup with one piston along with the other changes described in here could the different servo and accumulator setup cause the downshift points to change?
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