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Re: Project: Kechi AD S10 4.3 auto

thanks all, great to have positive vibes.

DS I love snow, I grew up just outside of pittsburgh and miss it terribly, especially when kansas summer turns to late summer and then in december to cool summer.

I had some new property things going on, gotta get HVAC checked and turned on, my wife does not share my cold tolerance. got spray in insulation quotes for the shop, have some wiring to do first though, thinking of adding an insulated ceiling so I have lightly insulated storage space above and then equivalent to R18 insulated space for the shop. lots of time to finger that out.

so today I got back on the bed floor, I remembered I hadnt chased the s10 bed mounts with a tap, of course the first one snapped the tap like a potato chip. yes, my fault for using the drill motor but I swear, it was low speed and the clutch was turned down too. (well it was definitely turned down after)

luckily there was enough thread left to chase all the remaining holes. the yard store had that tap for 5.99, so another one was cheap but the drive would have killed momentum.

the rear still looked really tall, so I got a ratchet strap and pulled the frame down using the rear axle and tightened up all the leaf bolts that were still loose (tighten with the weight on, or a ratchet strap holding it). that worked out great, I hooked up the shocks and I painted the rest of the frame while the bed floor was off

after that I bolted the floor to the frame (bolts went in by hand!) and struggled to remember how tall I made the floor on the last one. 12 inches deep seemed right to me, so I popped some tacks in there just to hold it because I cant test fit the running board with the jack in the way. well, I could with some finagling, but I was running short of son in laws.

dont worry about the gaps on the tubs, leaning the floor on the sides while chasing holes with a tap bent them in slightly, they come back in line with hand pressure.

looks like 12" deep was the number!

so tomorrow (free day!) I will pop the fenders on and finish my cab corner welds, and shorten the gas filler. I hope my welding gas holds out, its on like 100lbs till monday.

more to come!
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