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Been sometime since I last posted here, thought I'd post a few things.
When I parked my truck, I had just driven home from a double shift at work.
About five miles from the house, the temp gauge pegged, shut it down and found both belts off. When I attempted to put the belts back on,I grabbed the fan and started to thread the belts back on the crank pulley, I noticed immediately the crank pulley/harmonic balancer was way loose. Come to find out, the balancer hub split right at the snout, dead center of the keyway.
Now, this is the second stock balancer I have installed, and I used an installer to put it on, no hammer/block of wood, the right way and it was tight. I've measured my crank snout and it's exactly as it should be. So, I decided that my cast steel stroker crank must not like stock cast iron balancers....and I had the entire rotating assembly balanced before I put it together. Scat said they never heard of such a failure but warned me not to use a fluid damper type balancer because it would break the crank snout off! So, I ordered a Steel harmonic balancer and replaced the timing seal and installed this one by the book as well.
Fast forward to a few days ago, I was getting ready to pull the truck out and clean her up for the weekend show and I get this god awful grinding noise from my starter, I've put 2500 miles on this engine without issues and now the damn ring gear/starter drive is chewed up
So, guess I'll be dropping the Trans to replace the flexplate and change the starter while I'm at it. It never fails, when you want to do something you enjoy, there's always gremlins.......I sure wish I could get it started so I could do this on my uncle's lift.....guess I'll be on the garage floor this fun fun.
Ah the things we do to have fun!
Have a great day all!
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