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Re: Serious Black

Well, I found a post here on the forum today that made me
re think my troubleshooting method with regards to the temperature gauge.
VetteVet had talked me through the assembly order of the gauge/printed-
circuit/resistor order, my temp gauge worked fine for a few months and then
pegged out high once again.
So, once again I took out the cluster to make sure I didn't tweak anything. Of course, everything was in the same order as previously assembled....
So, what changed? I've been scratching my head for months, until I read this post......

It mentions using a "star washer" (I'm guessing it's a tinnerman's clip-
round washer with five or six breaks so it snaps over the terminals, sort of like the clips that go over the heater/a/c control cables) any way's, I had assumed that once the nut had been tightened down on the resistor, that it was grounded to the cluster, well, I'm here to say it wasn't.... I ran a separate wire from ground to the bottom terminal of the temperature gauge, and isn't life grand.....
works like a champ!
Here is a picture of the star washer I believe is referenced here. Hopefully, this will save many the aggravation I've been going through!
Have a good one!
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