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Re: '05 2500HD 6.0 AT 4x4 common issues

The exhaust manifold bolt issue does not happen from rust. It happens from towing and hauling a lot. The manifold heats up and warps a little, puts some extra stress on the bolt and it snaps. 90% of the time, you can grab a hold of the broken bolt and it will unscrew easily, or with the help of an extractor. The other 10% is when they need drilled out completely. sometimes you can clean up the original threads, and sometimes you can use a helicoil. The horror stories happen from drilling them out off center or accidently welding the bolt to the threads.

Brake lines and fuel lines rusting out are common.

Wheel well rust and rocker panel rust is common

Fuel pumps are common(but not more common than any other GM product)

Instrument clusters are common.

Front Hub bearings are common

EBCMs are common

The engines will last a really long time.

In my opinion, the 88-98 trucks have less issues than the 99-06, but the 88-98 trucks have tons of miles and are beat up pretty bed. I live in the rust belt, and my old style 99 does not have any body rust, still has the factory fuel and brake line.

The specific reason I am holding on to my old style 99 so long is because of the rust issues on the 99-06 trucks, and the lack of a big block in the 07+ trucks. I tow a decent amount and I don't want a diesel.
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