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Re: 63-72 Chevy P/U Rear Shock Mount System

(B) 5-7" Drop Spring

I have a question about the above listed infomation. You have listed A or B based on drop spring size/drop. Would there be a difference if the spring was 4 inch with a 1 inch block? I am assuming that it doesn't matter how you achieve the amount,spring vs spring & block, it is just the amount of drop. I think I just confused myself...
I am currently running 5 inch springs, love the look but can't stand the harsh ride and am considering changing to a 3inch spring and 2 inch block. my shocks are Doetsch Tech P/N 4052G. or would I realize a decent(smooth) ride with just the addition of your shock kit or would you suggest changing it all? I do have a CPP relocation kit installed. Thanks for any suggestions.

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