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Re: deluxe weatherstrip - lock strip

Originally Posted by TKCR View Post
Someone had mentioned this before, when there was discussion on this topic. The lock strip has a clear plastic protection film, to help with scratches I assume. But that film needs pulled/peeled off after installation. I can remember doing that myself on mine. In fact, I can remember thinking that there wasnít a film, because I couldnít hardly find an area to get it started to peel off. I was about to give up because I was convinced it wasnít on there. But my brother, who helped me, finally got it started. And then it all peeled off.
So this person was saying that is the reason why some of these lock strips look the way they do, because itís that plastic film that has baked in the sun, because it wasnít removed.
Interesting. So the plastic film on them is causing the issue then. Well, I'm not sure what happens when you try to remove a baked one. I'm guessing it's near impossible, so I'll just have to buy a new strip.
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