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Re: 67-72 Suburban OE seats

Originally Posted by WannaBe68 View Post

My question is - I have to mail the front and 2nd row seat covers to Cars Inc before they can make the reproduction covers. If Cars Inc makes 2 of the same covers from the one original pattern of my 2nd row seat I send them...will that extra cover fit the 3rd row? In other words - are the 3rd and 2nd row bench seats the same? My 2nd and 3rd row seats both measure about 50" wide...
I am new here and was looking for the answer to this question - did not find it. I currently do not have the third seat in my 1970 Suburban (am looking for one) but once I get one I will recover all the seats. So basically, are the covers for the narrow second seat the same as the ones for the third seat?

Thank you.
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