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Re: Project "You thought yours was bad!" '78 C10 Stepside

Woohoo, so everything last night went pretty smoothly. Picked up my driveshaft, fit great this time. Topped off the trans, installed my new battery hold down clamp, primed the fuel pump a few times, hit the key and she fired right up without even a hint of hesitation! I let it run for about 15 minutes up to temp while keeping an eye on the trans fluid level. While I didn't get to drive it, the trans engaged into all gears and felt solid. The exhaust sounds great! It has a nice rumble and while it is obviously far from stock, is thankfully just quiet enough where it shouldn't wear on me during long drives.

I've unfortunately ran out of time before my 2 week trip down to Texas, as I'm leaving right after work tonight. But there's minimal things left to do to drive her! I still need to set the timing and phase the rotor, pick up an air filter, the air cleaner looks like it'll barely clear the linkage so I'll be picking up a 1" spacer for safety. Other than that, I just need to renew the registration and take it on a drive! Please check out the running video, I'll be trying to get a driving and maybe a walk around video here in the coming weeks!
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