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Re: Project "You thought yours was bad!" '78 C10 Stepside

I just read this whole thread. AWESOME WORK AND COOL TRUCK!!! I also love the chevelle. Id love to have it!!! I have a few chevelles and novas myself. One tip I wanted to share as far as putting a cam in that vortec engine. I use them quite often as I buy wrecked craigslist trucks all the time for donors. I just picked up a wrecked 02 yukon for 900, sold the 20in late model 20s for 1k . still have a good 5.3/4l60e for another project. ANYWAYS back to the vortec 350. I have run GMs got cam in them a few times. No need to pull the heads for machine work. You can buy a set of springs and modified retainers from Alex's parts for little over 100 bux. then you can run a cam with up to .550 lift with no machine work to the heads. they work great. I will share the link at the bottom. ALSO if you decide to upgrade lifters at the same time... DO NOT BUY FACTORY LIFTERS> get a set of ls7 lifters from gm performance parts catalog for about 100 bux. they work great!!!! here is the link to Alexs parts
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