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Re: Project "You thought yours was bad!" '78 C10 Stepside

Thanks! I really appreciate it! That's funny that you mention those retainers, I had a buddy point those exact ones out to me last week! I'll definitely keep them in mind for a future build, but as for this one, this engine rocks the truck pretty hard as it is, so I'm keeping it "stock" for now.

I did get a chance to swap out my coil/distributor setup for a conventional large cap HEI, which pretty much solved the interference issue the Sniper system is having. So I think I've pretty well verified that the Dual Sync will be the answer to my problems.

Anyway, since I'm on a standstill until I can get a Dual Sync coming in, here's some pics for you all to enjoy of the new wheels I picked up for my Camaro tonight!

Check out my Alaska built 78/86 C10 stepside!
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