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Re: CUCV to K5 drivetrain swap

Should be a relatively straight forward swap. May have to adjust tranny/t-case cross-member location, but that is easy. As far as being bomb-proof, all of the CUCV components are good. But there are two things that could use improvement.

1) The NP208 t-case is a chain driven case with an aluminum housing. Chains stretch and break, and aluminum housings crack. A gear driven, cast iron cased NP205 would be a stronger alternative, but the low range might not be as deep as the NP208.

2) The CUCV 14 bolt might be equipped with a "Gov-Lock" limited slip. These are good units when new. But when they have been worked hard over many years, they have a tendency to have the clutch plates disintegrate and drop pieces into the diff fluid. Had this happen to me.

Overall, I think you have a pretty good plan with this drivetrain swap.
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