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Re: CUCV to K5 drivetrain swap

I bought the M1008 pickup to do just that . I had purchased it from a military base here in Columbus, Ohio a few months ago. Took like a month just to get a civilian title for it anyways. I wanted to drive the truck around a bit to be sure all components were working correctly. The 39,000 mile truck seemed to run and drive perfectly 6.2 motor ran good as well. The one problem was itís super slow but definitely built to pull down a house lol.
It to has the 400,208 & the 456 gears. Thang is Iíve been using the hell out of it! Iíve changed all the fluids in it and the dry rotted tires. If something happens to the 6.2 is probably when Iíll do the swap.
Till then Iím
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