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Re: C10CJ: A Pro-touring '71 Stepside on a No Limit Pro-C10 Chassis

Originally Posted by Advanced Design View Post
Very good explanation on lead times. A build really is managing a project. What are the graphs on your spreadsheet?

Impressive chassis! Did you go with a powder coat option? Those are good looking wheels.

The graph is a plot of the gear ratios of the transmission I am running. The gear ratios are calculated all the way out (they include the rear axle ratio plus tire size), so the plot is vehicle speed vs engine RPM. The colored lines are each gear, and the black line is the trajectory the engine takes at a specified shift point (note, with an auto, you take the lower RPM stuff with a grain of salt due to the converter, but once above the stall speed, it's pretty accurate). This helps me understand that when I set a 6300 RPM shift point for say the drag strip, were will the engine bottom out on the next gear and will I be hitting the power curve of the engine in the sweet spot and will I dip under the converter stall speed for an auto. I also have a T56 (if I blow up the 700R4 I'm going T56) farther right that I didn't include since I was keeping the snapshot width to a min. It also helps to visualize how far apart the gears are just based on the space between the lines. This is useful since shops like Bowler offer a couple different gear ratio sets, so I can have a visual and numerical look at each gear set to make a more informed decision. I attached some close up shots to show you what I'm talking about. Also note, in the number shot, the line 'Distance per RPM' generally has different guidelines for different sports.

And yes, I went with the powder coat option through No Limit. I went with a color called "Black Magic" which I spotted on the chassis they sent to KC Paint shop for their SEMA builds and really liked it.
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