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Re: 1965 C10 ... Project Name: Just Learnin'

Ok, now if anyone is still paying attention I have a couple questions to throw out to the crowd and see if anyone can help me out here...

1. The Classic Sound (or whatever its called) radio I installed is doing some funky stuff. When the ignition is in the on position, the radio works great, all six speakers play and the radio has good reception. BUT when i actually turn the truck on, then the radio is very choppy... This has confused me greatly and I've checked all grounds and everything I have in my limited knowledge of car audio and can't figure it out.

2. Now the second one is an air ride question... I have noticed in order to level the truck out I'm running about 30psi in the back and 70 psi in the front..... If I run the same pressure front and rear the truck has a nasty rake! I may be a child of the 90s but this chevy isn't.. no rake wanted here. So I mounted the bags in the stock location of the rear springs but I still feel like it should be able to sit lower with the frame notch...

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