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Re: How should I fill firewall holes

I added 16" because I thought it looked good with that. I have seen a couple of different trucks with less or more and didn't like them. I needed enough room behind the seat for a high back bucket with the seat belts integrated so the seat wouldn't hit the back window and I also didn't want to add too much and look like it needed a door handle. these styles of seats don't usually tip ahead for access to the back area so it is not an area for passengers, just for stuff you need inside but don't need access to very often plus maybe some room for your jacket and all the wife's stuff. the purse, the extra purse, a bag full of crap, 18 pairs of shoes and a couple different types of jackets, coats, water bottles, you know. I originally planned to house the computer and electrical center back there with a place for the air compressor and tank possibly under a sound insulated tray. since then I have gone with the envoy frame and no air ride so there will be less stuff back there.there is another guy on here that is also doing an extended cab but is adding material to the door instead. that is also a tough one because the door tapers front to rear. he is using 2 cabs to get the roof line. not sure what he is doing for the doors. he hasn't posted for awhile.
I haven't had time to look at the truck for a few weeks so it is unchanged. I have a bunch of other projects piled up around it waiting their turn. it is snowing here and time to winterize everything. soon I hope to get back at it. this is the latest pic I have.
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