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Big Block engine wiring harness

Big block harness has much longer starter wires and shorter temp wire.
Starter wires follow passenger valve cover then down front of engine under ex manifold to starter. There is a metal wire retaimer that attaches to the valve cover on this harness, it’s possible there should be one more.

The temp wire goes behind the drivers side head and along the valve cover. There is a large metal wire retainer that attaches to the 7/16 bolt threaded hole at the back of the head and a small retainer for the valve cover.
$85 shipped.

There was some debate on the message forum that big block harnesses were the same as small block or the starter wires were routed the same, the assembly manual shows pictures for 1968 models where the starter wiring goes straight down the firewall. This harness is from a 72 truck and is for sure correct for 71-2, the other years I’m not sure, I’m a 72 guy.
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