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Re: The 1960 - 1966 Chevrolet & GMC Pickups Factory Correct Restoration Thread

Originally Posted by aerotruk63 View Post
oem4me The 62 interior has a white steering wheel is it painted white over a black base? The steering column and lower dash section below the gauge cluster as well as the Gauge surround are they painted white as well? The Glovebox, does it have the black in the center and the white as the instrument panel section?
Yep, white over black wheel. White column and surround. Glove box is fawn. It appears like the one in the Custom Comfort option illustration above, only no red. Oddly, other options include side trim, soft ray glass, and a radio, but it's NOT a custom cab. It's got painted bumpers, plain rubber window gaskets, and had stock black wheels and painted caps before I bastardized it.
I can't recall seeing many non Custom Cab trucks with side trim before. I dunno ...maybe I just forgot.
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