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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

Fixed it. Turns out that my new red-stripe modulator, replaced at the time of valve body work ONLY to avoid a problem... was the problem. The female threads in the modulator were not tight enough on the adjustment screw, allowing the screw to be pushed out. I'd go in a turn, no change. In another turn, no change. Finally I noticed that the tip of the adjuster screw was always flush with the hose nipple. Fixed the threads, turned it in intentionally too far to clearly demonstrate whether this was the problem... and they all lived happily ever after in Turbo 400 Land. So...

.125" on both feeds, 6 check balls, accumulators unchanged. 1-2 is about right, 2-3 could easily be .140-150" and be very safe. Don't think it's important enough at this time to go back in there.

Clinebarger... do I have to say Thank You yet again???
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