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Re: What Code Reader/Scanner to Buy?

Bought a code reader from Rock Auto, came in today. Hooked it up this evening and it said No Codes. So, guess that's good. But it has a definite miss on idle. You can feel it bang and shake the truck a bit. I installed new plugs the other day after I changed the oil. Maybe one plug had a crack which would make a miss. Or, maybe I didn't get the plug wire back on all the way down. I'll look at that tomorrow. Other than that, the truck runs fine on the road. The Scan Tool is by PT, Performance Tool. Handles CAN and OBDII codes. One mystery I couldn't find the answer to is what I/M means. I looked all the intro data and that acronym isn't covered. The instruction booklet really doesn't explain the full use of the reader, but maybe I'll figure it out.
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