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Re: Need help with wiring stock temperature and vacuum gauges

Originally Posted by Green Monster View Post

Can anyone take two pictures of what the back of the temp gauge looks like from under the dash. I need one shot of the back side of the gauge and on where the green wire goes to in the firewall or fuse block (not sure if if even goes to either one).

As you can see, I'm lost. I'm trying to put this back to stock and need your help doing so.
I don't fit under my dash, but I will try to give you as much info as I can get from the wiring diagram...

Your gauge is hooked up to the printed circuit board, the board has a connector, and into that is plugged the 1/2 round plug around the steering column. Circuit 35 A & B, Dark Green on the diagram, tied into the ign. switch at the ground 1 or ground 2 position( I'm thinking ground 1).

From there it should be headed towards the fuse block, just keep looking for dark green

Basically, it looks like it starts at the ign. sw., goes to the connector for the circuit board down to the big 1/2 round connector at the steering column and from there to the fuse block. Make sure you follow the 20 gauge wire as there is a 12gauge wire for the horns that is also dk. grn.

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