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Re: Need help with wiring stock temperature and vacuum gauges

Originally Posted by Green Monster View Post
I can't find the old wire in the passenger cabin. I'm going to come back to it soon.

How does the wire fit into the plastic clip that fits over the sending unit shown in post no. 2? Is there a flat male connector crimped onto the wire inside there?

Well, I was afraid you were going to ask that I had to send my harness back to M&H for some mod. work, I didn't want to break that connector, so I left my sending unit on there. They must of thought I was a real moron...

The best that I can see is, if you take a thin flat pc. of metal and push it in from the front of the connector it will depress a metal spring clip that is part of the connector. This will allow you to separate it from the sending unit. The clip that you want to depress is on the top side. Good luck, and lmk if it works There has to be a tool to do this

I'll try to get a better pic., there is probably a button on this camera to get a better closeup, but I never read the manual. I just put it on automatic

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