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Re: Bagged 1968 Suburban

Originally Posted by 72MARIO View Post
Huge difference with the windows up. I never thought at 29 I would hate loud exhaust. I was planning on dumping the flow masters for some stock mufflers I think they can stay now its actually quiet. The fat mat was fairly reasonable. The carpet kit hurt. I ordered the heavy jute underpad the bill was over $700 cdn for carpet. I should have checked the Db # reading before and after. Once the gv overdrive is in it should be ready for another long road trip. Planning on hitting the Carlisle truck nationals.
Didn't realize you were in Canada, probably not many burbs up there! I'm 24 and starting to hate loud exhaust in a daily driver. My burb is 10x quieter in the cab than my pickup. The truck has nothing but floor pans. Did you put any fat mat in the doors? I know my burb won't ever be like a new one noise wise, just be nice to make it a little more comfortable to ride in.

How did you prep the wood panel for the mat? Just pressure wash?

Sorry for all the questions, sweet ride! Thanks for the info!
61 apache
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