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Re: Kelsey Hayes 81740 manual pics

I have a Kelsey Hayes resistor on order. If there's any factory documentation with that, I'll edit this post to include it.

Edit to add: still waiting for a resistor to arrive. There appear to be two styles of resistors. One style used four studs, and three "spring" type resistors. These are jumpered in different positions to give different resistance values. The second style has two parallel resistor "springs", and a bridge between them that is loosened/tightened by a thumbscrew to allow adjustment. Just guessing here, but it looks like the break point between these styles was in the 1970's.

A caution I see mentioned on various forums. The resistor, of either type, will generate a lot of heat. Three points to make about that. #1, Don't box it up close anywhere, like under a dash or beauty cover. Leave it where there's plenty of passive airflow. #2, be careful adjusting it after use. It will be burning hot to the touch. #3, it will likely smell a bit as it burns off any oils and preservatives on first use.

Tekonsha is another manufacturer of a similar resistor. Folks on forums claim to have good luck using these resistors(i.e., not burning out). Tekonsha part# 2012 is recommended for 2 and 4 brake systems, and part# 2013 is recommended for 4 and 6 brake systems, per their factory literature. It's only my speculation that these Tekonsha resistors would work fine with a Kelsey Hayes controller.

Attached are two Kelsey-Hayes resistor pics I pulled off of Ebay(Is that legal?). The first pic is the older style, and is associated with part# 106700. The second is the newer "bridge" style, and is associated with part# 41149.
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