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Re: What did you do to your Blazer/Jimmy today?

Originally Posted by A1971Blazer View Post
There was an old 70s era roll bar in the parts Blazer I the process of modifying it for a better fit.....
need to finish welding it....sandblast..... and go to powder coat.

I bought a nice new set of 3 point retractable seat belts from MCB Matt one of our vendors...
gonna mount the top link to the roll bar......

rear supports were too short to fit on top of the wheel hubs
Attachment 1644414

added 9" to them
Attachment 1644415

view from the back..the pic makes it look taller than the windshield....
it's actually shorter
Attachment 1644416

final fitting before welding the supports in
Attachment 1644417
Nice work! Roll bar is looking great...big improvement!
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