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Re: Tackling a botched build, need SBC advice.

A basic HEI distributor doesn't know and doesn't care which post you connect to #1. What does matter is that the post selected as #1 matches the arrival of #1 piston to the top of the compression stroke when the timing is set for 0 btc and that the rest of the wires match the firing order. It also doesn't know or care about the timing mark on the balancer. Sounds like the engine builder stabbed the distributor off a post or two and just adjusted the wires to match. Nothing wrong with using #8 or #2 for your timing adjustments, depending on which way things are off, as long as YOU know which cylinder is TDC compression stroke when the balancer mark is at the 0 mark.

Don't know much about FI systems but does yours get any information from the distributor or a sensor on a flywheel or balancer? Wondering if it has gone into some kind of "limp home mode" due to conflicting or missing inputs.
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