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Re: Tackling a botched build, need SBC advice.

I have been following the FiTech product for over 1.5 years now. I actually have the very first Go Street EFI from them (I was first on the wait list and took 5 months to come out). I haven't installed it but I watch a lot on the forums and Facebook about issues.

8 times out of 10, major problems are related to installation error. Most problems were related to the FCC fuel unit but once fuel delivery issues were solved, most found the EFI units work well. They do have their quirks about them and do require some "tuning" but most of that is from the control unit, not the mechanical part. Once those are set, you tend to not play with them.

The biggest thing is most think this is a plug and play unit. It is not. It does require being correctly setup both mechanically and computer. I can say, if you're playing with the screw on the pass side of the unit, you already do not know what needs to be done. None of these are idle screws. They are throttle stops and need to be adjusted correctly. The linkage is not progressive and if you don't have the butterflies sync'ed, it will cause problems. ANY leaks in the exhaust system will cause problems. Not having the fuel system correctly setup will cause problems. RFI noise from the ignition or running a MDS box not wired correctly will cause problems.

The ones who had it best first started with a WELL running engine (i.e. carb setup). With it running great, they made the switch. At that point is was all setup of the EFI part and not trying to troubleshoot timing issues, vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, etc.

Not trying to bash on you but pointing out you need to solve all of the issues that do not relate to the EFI before you even start to tune the EFI.
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