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Re: Polar Bear Suburban

Hey Larry, I just finished reading through this thread and your attention to detail is immaculate..! I wish I had the patience to do the same; I'm always too eager to get it in and get it going! However, someday when things slow down I'd like to do the same.. The 'Burb looks great and you got a great deal on it! I'm quite jealous!

On to my questions, I have an '89 K5 Blazer that I plan on doing an NV4500 swap on.. It came stock with a 700r4 but after three of those I replaced it with a th350 adapted to my NP241. Now from what I understand it needs a 32 spline input shaft to work with a NV4500. I was wondering if your case already had the 32 splice shaft or if you put one in.. Is it best to find a case that has the 32 spline shaft or just buy a new one?

Thanks for the help! My Blazer will probably end up with an LQ4 for now but would really love to have an 8.1L in it.. they're just so damned expensive!
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